How to verify your ID

To have your Buy and Deposit options enabled, you will need to verify your ID. Kindly follow the steps below.

  1. Take a clear picture of a valid ID (These are the ONLY accepted IDs - Ghana Card, Passport and Driver's License)
  2. Get a sheet of paper and write the following details on it
    1. PayPlux
    2. Date (the date on which you are submitting these requirements)
    3. Sign - your official signature
  3. Hold the sheet of paper together with your ID Card and let someone take a photo of you. Be sure it’s clear as possible. Do not be bare chested. Ensure it’s a well-lit area.
  4. After completing the steps above, kindly contact us on the livechat.
  • Read the instructions carefully and do accordingly.
  • Half sent requirements won’t be processed.
  • Do take note that verification can take up to 48 hours.
  • Click on this link to see how it is done.
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